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Warrior In SnowMany trillions of years ago, the Creators, immensely powerful beings of living fundamental energy, banded together to create the universe as we know it today; they called this new universe Roshan. This vast creation contains many diverse worlds; lands of ancient magic, impossible technology, or seemingly banal normality were all formed within Roshan. Stemming from the Creators' home planet at the center of the universe, Mortico - the birthplace of magic, these worlds become less magical and more reliant on technology the further one travels from the center of creation until one reaches the highly technological and vast galaxy of Tsuria on the outer edge of the universe. 

Once watched over by the vigilant tutelage of the Creators, the universe has since been inexplicably left to its own devices. The most diverse of the various sentient races, the humanoids, have become increasingly bold and reckless in the millions of years since their creators' departure, turning the universe into their land, unfortunately usually at the expense of other sentient races. The universe needs as many kind, strong, or able leaders as it can find, to lead it into a new golden age - a golden age of the sentient races for the sentient races, rather than one imposed by an outside force. 

Take up the torch, reader, and become true member of the universe of Roshan. Read some Roshan Epics, literature pieces published about the Roshan universe. Piece together lost secrets of the universe through Screenmatic, a division of media compiled about the universe such as video games or cinematic productions.  Or join the struggle for peace and closure through the Untold Roshan, our interactive theater division, through the mediums of LARPing, stop-action gaming, and table-topping.